Job Description The Remote Sensing Engineer will play a key role in allowing us to detect optical signals from our plants in field conditions. InnerPlant’s new plant traits allow crops to produce fluorescent signals in response to specific stresses. We use remote sensing methods to measure […]
Responsibilities. The following list provides a summary of the project requirements:● Receive and manage various landscape and land use datasets, including topography, vegetation, cropping, roads,rivers, urban areas / communities, and different boundary types (land tenure and ownership, community,district, political, government agency, provincial, and more).● Handle wildfire […]
This position is specifically tasked with contributing geospatial technical and analytical skills towards developing and customizing decision support tools that help advance collaborative forest restoration, integrated natural resource planning, and wildfire risk mitigation, response, and recovery decision-making in Colorado and the Interior West. The incumbent will […]
About the Day-to-Day Responsibilities of the Role
ResponsibilitiesThe tasks include all steps of a biotope type and land use mapping using color infrared aerial images (CIR). This involves the collection of new data sets or the updating of existing data,such as forest damage monitoring or sealing monitoring.In addition to the collection and updating, […]

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