Your tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • interacting with the Copernicus Space Segment teams from the early phases of the Copernicus Expansion and Next Generation Space Segment activities, in particular for matters related to payload data processing;
  • defining the operational products and Level 0/Level 1 processors for future Copernicus Sentinel missions and managing the associated procurement activities for their cloud- or HPC-based implementation;
  • supporting the preparation of operations for the future Copernicus missions and the management of related activities; 
  • managing the maintenance and evolution of the operational data processors for the first-generation Sentinel mission;
  • providing expertise on Copernicus EO data and advanced analytics and leading initiatives to define, procure and manage implementation activities aimed at optimising the handling of the data in cloud-based and HPC environments and, in particular, their usage for simulation, modelling and AI-related applications in the context of DestinE;
  • supporting the definition of the necessary evolutions of the CSC ground system architecture and technical documentation baseline to integrate and operate the future Copernicus missions;
  • supporting the definition and maintenance of mission-specific documentation as part of the overall ESA Copernicus EO Framework technical baseline;
  • supporting the development of an ecosystem of Copernicus or DestinE data management and modelling services to foster user exploitation activities.



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