European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

  • Develop and update internal standards and protocols for GIS data management,
    analysis and visualisation;
  • Oversee data management for GIS;
  • Build and maintain GIS databases;
  • Create static and dynamic maps using GIS software or packages such as ArcGIS, R,
    Leaflet or others;
  • Perform spatial analyses using GIS software (spatial epidemiology);
  • Develop and implement quality control procedures to ensure accuracy and reliability of
    GIS data;
  • Maintain geospatial documentation for reference purposes;
  • Provide technical guidance to GIS users when needed;
  • Assist technical team in system design, development and implementation of innovative
    GIS solutions for presentation of epidemiological data;
  • Support relevant IT projects by ensuring that data requirements are properly defined,
    providing technical input on GIS components and ensuring the correct use of geographic
    reference data;
  • Liaise with relevant international stakeholders, including other EU agencies and WHO for
    GIS activities;
  • May be asked to contribute to communicable disease surveillance activities and the 24/7
    duty system of ECDC;
  • Any other tasks related to his/her area of work as requested.



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