Your tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • leading the teams responsible for the design and implementation of the space segment of approved Earth observation missions undertaken by ESA (including Earth Explorer, Scout, Earth Watch, meteorological, Copernicus and national programmes) up to and inclusive of launch and in-orbit commissioning;
  • directing, planning, distributing and monitoring projects;
  • ensuring and endorsing the consolidation of the final programmatic framework of the future missions to be implemented (cost-at-completion, schedule, procurement and geo-return);
  • ensuring that the approved mission requirements are implemented within the agreed schedule and established cost-at-completion;
  • interfacing with industry as needed for supporting project teams;
  • interfacing on technical and programmatic issues with Member States and partner organisations, for example EUMETSAT for meteorological missions and the European Commission for Copernicus missions;
  • implementing ESA industrial policy for the elements under your responsibility;
  • developing and motivating departmental staff members by assessing performance, encouraging learning and development, delegating responsibilities and providing regular and constructive feedback;
  • encouraging synergy across project teams and creating a sense of unity and purpose between teams and across ESA, recognising team success and supporting any relevant ESA corporate activities;
  • dealing effectively with sensitive or difficult situations, liaising with Human Resources as required;
  • ensuring that a long-term, strategic view is taken for the Department and effectively communicating that strategy and vision;
  • maintaining close cooperation with all EOP departments: Future Missions and Architecture (EOP-F) for the preparation of future missions; EO Mission Management and Ground Segment (EOP-G) for ground segment aspects; and Science, Applications and Climate (EOP-S) for science aspects and commercialisation.



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