Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

PhD in Geodesy, RemoteSensing and Geoinformatics: please find below further information about the job vacancy.

Research topics proposed:

– Analysis of the interactions between three pillars of space geodesy: gravity, geometry, and rotation with geophysical interpretations – prof. Krzysztof Sośnica

– Automatic reconstruction of smart building indoor 3D models based on SLAM LiDAR data – prof. Grzegorz Jozkow

– Determination of phenological phases of selected plants based on satellite and UAV remote sensing data – prof. Grzegorz Jozkow

– Enhancing GNSS atmosphere remote sensing capabilities with AI – prof. Witold Rohm

– Exploiting benefits of using integrated global navigation satellite systems for geodesy, geophysics, and geodynamics – prof. Krzysztof Sośnica

– High-rate GNSS observations in the determination of acceleration – prof. Jan Kapłon

– Ionosphere constraints in real-time Precise Point Positioning – prof. Tomasz Hadaś

– New DInSAR method for precise determination of deformations of technical infrastructure – prof. Witold Rohm

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