Spatial Informatics Group

Responsibilities. The following list provides a summary of the project requirements:
● Receive and manage various landscape and land use datasets, including topography, vegetation, cropping, roads,
rivers, urban areas / communities, and different boundary types (land tenure and ownership, community,
district, political, government agency, provincial, and more).
● Handle wildfire data including fire ignition points and burnt area polygons (ten years or more of data).
● Translate vegetation map data into wildfire “fuels” types if necessary.
● Organize and manage datasets received from national and provincial agencies, ensuring there is no duplication.
● Ensure effective and efficient management of the data, delivered in sporadic bursts over a two-month period.
● Complete analysis using scripting and geospatial tools such as Google Earth Engine (JavaScript and Python APIs),
● Contribute to proper documentation of procedures and processes of work.
● Participate in project-specific meetings.
● The responsibilities listed above are contributing to a specific project which requires an intensive data capture
and mapping period and a later stage of creating individual maps for report visualization.
● The role will be for up to 2 months of work initially (both casual and part time) and may be extended if the
project analysis increases.



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